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Why Use Hoofmax?

HoofMax is guaranteed to reduce copper sulfate usage and improve the effectiveness of your footbath program. Dairies on HoofMax use up to 80% less copper and experience significantly less instances of hoof problems, all while reducing direct costs associated with a foot bath program and negative effects to the environment.

HoofMax works by maintaining optimal footbath chemistry for copper or zinc ions to ensure hoof hardness and a strong bacterial kill. Independent lab studies and field tests have shown the ability of HoofMax to maintain a highly effective footbath from the first cow to the last.

How To Use Hoofmax

  • Follow the label directions by making a copper sulfate footbath with reduced copper sulfate adn then add the required amount of HoofMax.
  • For the most efficient footbath program, have a qualified HoofMax dealer analyze you present footbath program, hoof health, number of cows and special needs.  By using a computer generated protocol, the dealer will recommend the most ecconomical and efficient HoofMax program for your dairy.

What To Use Hoofmax For

  • WALK-THROUGH: The hoof is not hard enought to withstand long-distance walking on concrete.  Crippled animals often cannot be saved, even with blocking.  If you bed with sand, this condition can also be common even without long distance walking on concrete
  • HAIRY HEEL WARTS: This disease is caused by a combination of a soft hoof and and infection by Treponema bacteria.  Animals are in too much pain to walk, and food and water consumption drops.
  • OTHER DISEASES: Most forms of infectious hoof disease can be effectively controlled by an aggressive, sustained, copper sulfate footbath program.  However, for copper sulfate to be effective, there must be a deliberate effort to maintain footbath chemistry, as urine and manure steadily remove copper from solution.  HoofMax works by preventing this.

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