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We proudly offer innovative solutions for virtually every hoof care challenge, like the HEALMAX® family of formaldehyde-free products for results without formaldehyde. If you are looking to reduce copper usage and expenses, the HOOFMAX line is your answer with its hoof-hardening compounds blended in the optimum proportion for ease of use.


When Extreme Cold Hits, HEALMAX® Outlasts Formaldehyde Every Time.  

The HEALMAX® line of products is easy to use and provides an economic means of control. Learn more about the entire HEALMAX® line including a video here.

HEALMAX® Spray – A fast-acting spot application of topical antiseptic, formulated with a special gel to cling to the problem area.

HEALMAX® Foam – An economical application providing visible coverage when the footbath can’t

HEALMAX® Footbath Concentrate – A revolutionary footbath additive that controls the spread of digital dermatitis “hairy heel warts”.

HEALMAX® Cu+ – A fast-acting footbath concentrate that provides all the benefits of HealMax with just the right amount of copper.


Cut Copper Usage up to 80% with HoofMax.

HOOFMAX is the original additive designed to optimize footbaths based on copper or zinc sulfate, to keep copper working even in  the presence of heavy organic matter loading. Learn more about the entire HOOFMAX line here.

HOOFMAX Footbath Concentrate – The original additive designed to optimize footbaths based on copper or zinc sulfate, to keep copper working.

HOOFMAX Dry– A combination of copper sulfate and a dry form of HOOFMAX in one easy-to-use container.


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